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Foot Massage
Quality Time with Mom
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We remove the obstacles preventing you from living your Best Life.

Foot Massage

Welcome to a New type of Wound care

At Clear Lake Wound Care, located in Houston, TX, we offer innovative programs to help make a happier and healthier you.  By allowing you to be part of your recovery, we aim to create a customized Wound  Care plan together, relieving you of your chronic wounds and open sores for good.

Advanced Biologics

Today’s medicine is exploring new and alternative applications in medical care that’s reaching far beyond the once thought-of limitations of healing. At Clear Woundcare, our highly trained medical team is using cutting-edge scientific approaches to healing with great success.


Talented team

Our providers and staff are excited to bring you true options to get your life back. We've been providing exceptional care to our community for many years and have recently expanded our services to include those suffering from non-healing wounds.

Wrap Around Care.

We take care of everything! From insurance approvals and billing, to in-person care and direct-to-patient shipped wound supplies, we have everything that's needed. Our patients can focus on healing- we take care of the rest.​

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At Clear Lake Wound Care, we have a passion for allowing the body to heal itself but sometimes it needs a little help.



8:00am  -  7:00pm
8:00am  -  7:00pm
2:00pm  -  5:00pm
8:00am  -  7:00pm
8:00am  -  1:00pm

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